CR Pharma is officially included in the FTSE global equity index

Press time:2017-06-26From:CR Pharma [ Font:BigMediumSmall]

China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited Group (CR Pharma) (stock code: 3320.HK) is included in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series (Large Cap), FTSE All-World Index and FTSE Global AllCap Index, starting June 19th, 2017. This inclusion of the FTSE index demonstrates the market confidence of CR Pharma’s prospects and the identification of its business capability.  

As the performance benchmark mainly, also used as the basis for derivatives and other index-linked products, The ETSE index is the world’s leading index standard, being widely adopted by investors in North America, Europe and Asia.   

Since the initial public offering in Hong Kong on October 2016, CR Pharma has been successively included in the Hang Seng composite large-cap index, the Hang Seng China health care index and the Hang Seng health care index within 8 months. In 2016, CR Pharma reached operation revenue of HK$156.7 billion, representing a year-on-year increase of 13.9% in RMB terms. Should nonrecurring profit and loss and RMB exchange rate fluctuation be excluded, the recorded revenue attributable to owners of the Company is HK$2.82 billion, representing an increase of 20% year-on-year.  

In 2017, by following the direction of industry policies, CR Pharma will optimize product mix and innovation services, optimize distribution platform by taking Two-Receipt System implementation as an opportunity, strengthen strategic layout in biopharmaceutical products, enhance strategic mergers and acquisitions and international co-operation, as well as exploit the Company’s competitive advantages overall superiority, so as to achieve the long-term stable and sustainable development of major business segments and  strive for an ideal return for investors. 

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